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Okay, so I have a feeling people aren't going to be able to help me with this, but its worth a shot. ^_^;;

Would anyone be able to make screenshots from the movie version of Godspell? I have the dvd and soundtrack, but no capabilities to make screenshots; and I've tried to scan the cd booklet but the pictures in it are horribly fuzzy.

I want to make a fanlisting for the movie, but I need *something* to use for graphics. So far I've only been able to find one or two crappy pics on the net. I'd love any caps of Victor Garber especially (because good lord he's awesome and so very foxy in this. and he plays Jesus. I'm having lusty wrong thoughts about Jesus. 0_o;;) but any caps at all would make me your indentured servant for life. Seriously. I'll make you any graphics you want and give you credit up the yin yang!

But I doubt anyone has the dvd to make caps because its just a smidge obscure. ^_^

My website is at and the one I made for my mom is at - that's so you can see the layouts as an example as what I could do to reward you, or else check out my journal to see some icons I've done 'cause I can do those too. ^_-;;
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